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    As a market leader in ready meal packaging, we understand the challenges of getting a meal with nutritious ingredients processed and packaged to stand out in a competitive environment.

    Dealing with CBS you have a partner who truly understands the bigger picture, from your business vision to creating stand out food packaging to supporting your distribution methods. We work through a simple process to ensure your packaging is always a standout to consumers and as we say “we have your meals covered”.

    Market sectors we cover

    • VEGAN


    We have partnered with key influential companies within the ready meal industry. As you can see in the flow chart diagram below the exact process you’ll go through to get a cooked & packaged meal to market and we will happily introduce you to anyone or all of these partners to help you achieve what you need much easier and faster so you can do what you love doing and leave the work to us.



    STAGE 1

    Business & design brief

    • For us to truly understand your vision and to create standout packaging we need to get an overview of your Brand & Requirements so together we can work on a roadmap to success.
    • This gives us a deep understanding so that everything we design or do with your brand supports and strengthens your brand and reputation with your clients.

    Download Design Brief Document

    STAGE 2

    Free Tools & resources

    • Design knife Templates to suit all major food tray providers.
    • No need to create something that has already been perfected and tested.
    • No need to create something that has already been perfected and tested.
    • Our score, folding and glue positions are a product of experience and manufacturing excellence.
    • Utilize our free resources on our website www.cbsprinting.com.au/resources/

    Download and design to our industry leading templates

    STAGE 3

    Design and Consultation

    • Need Design to stand out in the current crowded retail marketplace?
    • Already getting meal sleeves done, discuss what’s working design wise and what you want improved.
    • Design for ease of use and impact in store.

    Get in contact with our experienced retail packaging team [email protected]

    STAGE 4

    Print management

    • Need Printing of your sleeves
    • Want help finding sizes, economies of scale to suit your volumes
    • Need a quote – email [email protected] and I’ll help you get exactly what you need & fast.
    • Need it faster than fast – Call me on 0437960532

    STAGE 5

    Distribution and storage

    • Don’t have enough storage in house for pallets and boxes of your sleeves?
    • We can help with storage with our very low monthly storage rates starting at $10 a pallet a month.
    • We can then distribute to you or your kitchen as required and delivery can happen within 24/48 hours of your notification.


    Our Trusted partners within this process to help you get everything you need to go from start to finish and have your meals to market in little as possible time.

    WHY CBS Printing

    Key points why CBS printing is the market leader in the ready meal space.
    • Express local Australian production
    • End to End project management – from design – print – delivery.
    • Standard Templates & Knife lines
    • Online ordering & Inventory management.

    Clients we work with



    Call us now on 1300 021 021 or use the form below

      Enquiry Type


      If your needing help or need some more information on food packaging please contact Joshua Wilson email: [email protected] or call 1300 021 021.

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      End to End

      Project Management:

      Rapid Response

      Service & Delivery:

      On Time

      In Full Promise:

      Ready to Go

      Logan Wilson

      Logan Wilson

      Sales Executive

      The Thinker

      Logan is methodical and precise, which is why he is the perfect person to look after CBS Printings key accounts. Logan’s ability to see the bigger picture is reason he is also the creative mind behind our marketing campaigns at CBS Printing.

      Todd Wilson

      Todd Wilson

      Sales Manager

      Hungry & Ambitious

      As the youngest of the Wilson boys, Todd brings to CBS Printing his hunger for results. He is ambitious and will take on any challenges that come his way. Todd is dedicated to make sure customers receive the same standard of work each time they print with our company.

      Stacie Hunt

      Stacie Hunt

      Finance Manager

      The Eyes and ears of CBS

      There isn’t much Stacie misses on a daily basis as she helps keep the team in check. As the finance manager, there isn’t a single detail missed by the thorough and extremely hard-working Stacie. From long hours to thoughtful input and endless value an employee, she makes sure all accounts and payments are up to date, so all jobs can leave the building on time.

      Shannon Dyson

      Shannon Dyson

      Graphic Designer

      The Wizard

      Shannon is our creative mastermind at CBS. Any new and fabulous designs you see come from this man. His ideas are fresh and vibrant and is an invaluable asset to the team.

      Sarah Middleton

      Sarah Middleton

      Project Manager

      Friendly & Fun

      Sarah is often the friendly face that will greet you when visiting CBS Printing. Her smile and love for great customer service is what drives her to deliver excellent service to all her customers.

      Rebecca Wilson

      Rebecca Wilson


      Cheerful and Helpful

      Bec is our helpful admin lady. Always happy and willing to give someone a hand. She is what holds it all together when the office is buzzing.

      Neil Warner

      Neil Warner

      Bindery Manager

      Dedicated & Committed to Perfection

      Neil’s dedication to his role sees him do long hours to assure all jobs are completed on time. Neil is often one of the last people to work on your job before despatch, and his eye for details assures all work is completed to the highest standard.

      Joshua Wilson

      Joshua Wilson

      Business Development Manager

      Passionate & Driven to Succeed

      Joshua is driven to help customers market their business in the best possible way. His need to succeed pushes him to find new opportunities to offer the market in the printing industry. He is always passionate to grow the business in new and exciting ways.

      Jason Knight

      Jason Knight

      Account Manager

      Reliable & Customer Driven

      Jason’s number one priority is making sure his customers are always happy. He is known to go above and beyond in making sure his customer’s needs are always meet. A family man and a great bloke. Never short of the odd dad joke or two.

      Bronwyn Kohalmi

      Bronwyn Kohalmi

      Digital Operator & Mail Fulfilment

      Unbelievable Bronwyn

      The level of work this amazing lady achieves is unbelievable. From managing the digital print projects, to organising mail fulfilment with ease, she is a member of staff that the company would struggle without. Her passion and dedication to her job sees her as a respected industry leader in her role.

      Arden Earl

      Arden Earl

      Production Manager

      The Work Horse

      Young, energetic, and extremely organised. Arden is normally the first to arrive each day. His dedication to his role is the reason customers get their product produced and delivered on time. Arden drives his team to give 200% effort, and his energy levels are evident on how much work is produced each day by CBS Printing.

      Adam Blount

      Adam Blount

      Press Operator

      England’s Finest

      All the way from her majesty’s home ground. This energetic legend of the print machine fits perfectly into our culture and finds himself at home on the largest machine we have. Adam’s experience and training in the printing industry, means all work is completed in the quickest time possible without any issues. Great sense of humour and a knack of getting completed 100% of his daily workload each day.

      Ron Wilson

      Ron Wilson

      Operations Manager

      Master of his Craft

      Ron is experienced, knowledgeable, and master of his craft. There are none better then Ron when it comes to operating machines and ensuring the quality of print is 100% on every project. With many long hours on the production floor perfecting his trade, his passion drives the back end of the company forward day by day.

      Malcolm Wilson

      Malcolm Wilson

      Retail Sales

      Customer Service Master

      With 20 years of experience, Malcolm has a wealth of knowledge. His experience with customers and his cheerful smile makes him a vital part of the team. His passion for customers and print ensures all customers that deal with him are always put first.

      Stephen Wilson

      Stephen Wilson


      Founding Father

      As the founder of CBS, Steve’s 40 years of experience in the industry is not only an asset to the company, but also an essential part to the success and longevity of CBS Printing. Steve focuses on building great relationships with our suppliers to ensure we can provide the best products at the best prices.

      Nathan Wilson

      Nathan Wilson

      General Manager

      Process Driven & Knowledgeable

      As the oldest Son, Nathan is the control centre, backbone and mastermind behind the success and drive of the company. Nathan’s knowledge, dedication and leadership are what makes the team show up every day in the right mindset. There is not often a day where Nathan is last to leave the office.

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